Business License

All individuals, firms or corporations, who conduct any trade, profession, business or occupations, or who maintains an office in their home located within Page County are required to secure a Page County Business License.

Page County business licensing is effective January 1, 1993, for Page County. Business licenses are an annual license tax.

Applying for a Page County Business License

You will need to have your business set up PRIOR to applying for a Business License including a federal "Employer Identification Number" (EIN) and registering with the State Corporation Commission, if applicable. A federal EIN, also knows as a "Taxpayer Identification Number," is used in lieu of a personal social security number to identify a business entity for the purpose of tax administration. Businesses are requested to provide a federal EIN as opposed to a security number. You can apply for an EIN using the IRS's free, fast, interview-style online EIN application at They will ask you the questions and you give them the answers. Embedded help topics and hyperlinked keywords/definitions are included so separate instructions aren't needed. After all validations are done, you will get your EIN immediately upon completion.


A business license must be purchased from the Commissioner of the Revenue Office after the applicant receives their final approval from the Zoning Office, prior to the start of any business activity.

Complete and submit the respective application packet for a Page County Business License: 

Renewals & Rates

  • Outside contractors, contractors who are located outside Page County taxing jurisdiction, such as the Towns of Luray, Stanley, and Shenandoah, other counties and/or states. March 1 is the renewal deadline for existing businesses.
  • Penalty and interest will be assessed after the March 1 deadline.
  • Various rates for various types of businesses are assessed on gross receipts. View Information/Rate Guide for Page County Business License.  
  • Renew business license online

Expedited Business Licenses

Expedited business licenses, which include home occupation and virtual businesses, require approval by the Zoning Administration and Building Official, unless such Home Occupation is being operated in an accessory building, in which case, such home occupation shall require a Special Use Permit in accordance with Chapter 125, section 15 of the Page County Code.

Non-Expedited Business License

Non-expedited business licenses, which include all businesses except home occupations and virtual businesses, require approval by the Zoning, Building, Highway and Health Departments.